Our team works hand-in-hand with other Savills teams across the globe and have a combined unrivalled experience at every stage in the development process.


Our development consultancy services are of a bespoke nature, and can be tailored to each individual client’s needs under a flexible fee structure. We are able to assist clients across the following stages, amongst others:

Market Research

• Knowledge of residential and tourism demand characteristics. We utilise our global research team to a great effect to analyse market conditions, investment appetite and trends

• In-depth local market research, specific to the project concept and positioning

• Analysis including demand and supply dynamics and a review of the local market development context


Target Market Analysis

• International purchaser profile (where external investment is coming from and what type and specification of product these purchasers desire)
• The specific pricing thresholds of residential sales for particular nationalities identified
• Preferred sizes, specification and amenities
• Review of proposed hotel operators and brand awareness analysis


Project Feasibility Analysis

• Site assessment and analysis, including advice on land assembly and acquisition
• Creation of project concept and strategy
• Development options and viability (unit mix, size, target market, phasing, absorption and pricing)


Financial Viability

• Indicative valuation of the project and site
• Estimation of the project’s GDV, being the aggregate of the sales and capitalised income of the commercial elements of the scheme
• Indicative recommendations on the salability, and annual absorption of the scheme.

Expert driven consultancy advice feeds into sales and marketing strategies, so as to maximise the project’s value

Development Sales & Marketing Strategy

• Programme timing and analysis of the likely funding requirements
• Identification of the optimal market route
• Recommendations on marketing strategy, focusing on target markets, timing, marketing materials, marketing budgets and PR

Branding Advice

Being market leaders in the branded residential research and consultancy sectors, Savills can provide insight and recommendations on elements of brand strategy, such as:

• Brand suitability / marketability
• Sector analysis by geography, number of schemes, brand presence et al.
• Expected values derived from brand associations
• Sourcing of operators, and negotiations of management agreements

Development Funding:

Closely integrated with our International Investment teams, we provide three business streams that facilitate the delivery of residential development:

• Capital raising – Provision of debt or equity brokerage and arrangement of new joint ventures on a project or platform basis
• Forward commitment – Securing forward purchase or forward funding for developments, or blocks within larger developments
• Advisory – Our expertise within the sector enables us to provide advice to developers seeking to deliver the most appropriate product and development strategy